The Legal Aid Reforms represent a radical, wide-ranging and ambitious programme of reform which reflects the Government’s commitment to make legal aid available to those who need it most, for the most serious cases in which legal advice or representation is justified.

The Legal Aid Agency has compiled a programme of training to assist Providers with the changes being introduced.

Please Note: The evidential requirements for private law family children cases under LASPO are changing from 22 April 2014, making any references in the modules below to the legislation and evidential requirement s concerning Domestic Violence and Child Abuse cases inaccurate. See the Changes for Family providers Part 2 (22 April 2014) training module for further information.

Legal Aid Reform Welcome Pack
Legal Aid Reform Face to Face Training Pack
Module 1 – The New Framework for the Civil Legal Aid Scheme
Module 2 – Transitional Arrangements
Module 3 – Family Mediation for Family Mediators
Module 4 - Civil Legal Advice (CLA) Gateway
Module 5a – The Scope of Family Legal Aid
Module 5b – Housing & Debt
Module 5c – Immigration & Asylum
Module 5d – Discrimination
Module 5e – Education
Module 5f – Welfare Benefits
Module 5g – Miscellaneous
Module 5h – Other Categories of Law
Module 6 – Client Eligibility for Controlled Work
Module 7 – Making an Application for Legal Representation
Module 8 – Exceptional Cases Funding (ECF)
Module 9 – CWA Billing