Transforming Legal Aid

An overview of the changes introduced by the LAT Programme, with specific modules covering each area of change to both Crime and Civil. These modules look at the legislation, new regulations and changes in procedures.

civil crime

Legal Aid Reform Training - LASPO Act

The Legal Aid Agency has compiled a programme of online training modules to assist Providers with the changes being introduced by the LASPO Act.


CCMS - Managing Your Civil Case Online

The Legal Aid Agency is introducing online ways of working for Civil and Family Certificated legal aid. The client and cost management system (CCMS) allows providers to apply for Legal Aid and manage certificates.

Providers Counsel

Ensuring Correct Claims

These modules look to reduce claim errors in various work streams.  There are specific modules on Immigration Controlled Work claims and Civil Certificated claims that lead to rejects.

  • Legal Aid Training

    The site contains training modules for legal aid providers.

    Training is offered on all legal aid reform to help providers transition smoothly into new ways of working.

    Some training modules are eligible for CPD points.